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yo,sk8ers wass up check my site out its all about sk8ing

am sitting down watching fottie on the tele and den i thought about make i sk8 site so here it is ok it might not be like or some shit like that but its o.k

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if you like sk8ing den u should like this if your bladers or bmxers then f**k off cos dis is only 4 us skaters anyway this site includes all da info on boarding and tech deck it will also say about my sk8ing and where i sk8 in my freetime and all stuff like dat.
It will also include all info and products by makes like blind,world,hookups,spitfire,most make of bearings,toy machine,zero and loads more

dont be sure 2 sign my guest book cos i never do when i visit sites any way am 18 ave got a world industreis deck spitfire wheels pig speedstar bearings and tensor tucks a picture will be on shortly of it ave got loads of fingers boards (world and the new tony hawk ones and a couple of blind ones i sell um and go and get sickers or new finger boards) ave got i massive finger board skate park a picture of it will b on here soon i live in frolesworth which is crap 4 boarding but 1 town a mile away has an amazing school and a skate park and lutterworth 5 miles away from my house is good i also go radlads derby storm and places like that oh and my name is max

if you like blind and i don't know any one who dont then check this out

C:\My Documents\My Pictures\111501.jpg

i'll often change this picture/vid clip cause ill get board of it feel free to put it into your documents its of geoff rowly or how ever u spell it his doing a boardslide



if you got any questions or just wanna chat about boarding then email me at

ill tell you want i ave done new on the site and things to check out

ave got 2 amazing sites 4 u sk8kers they are and if you have checked them out already then tough shit


this is some guy doing an axle stool

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