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yo homies am just back from school am listing 2 blink 182 and writing dis am going boarding then footie traning want a life

the amazing chopper drop

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as you no am 13 and i like boarding i also like footie ive not really been boarding 4 2 long,since the summer of 2001 when i got back from flordia (holiday) i got on my birdhouse board with blind wheels and some shite trucks god knows what bearings ave had.
i had the board since feb (2001) so i had it 4 a year any how i was pretty shity after about a week i new how 2 180 ollie which was werid cos i cound not even land an ollie 1 week later i was pretty solid on da ollie like i easyily ollied on 2 a curb i was getting better by the weak.......

and on we go

the only prolem that i had was that my board was coverd in skickers it was shit but at least i wos getting better i new how to do da basics at the end of august i went 2 derby storm i droped da mini and the six footer and did some good shit i thought i did well i went to the lutterworth skate park did some nose stalls rock 'n' rolls and shit like dat on my birthday 31 december 2001 i got my second board world industreis deck spitfire wheels pig speedstar bearings and tensor tucks it kicks ass if your intested in my old board email me at

i also thinck tech deck is cool ave got a cool finger board park i got the six pak of world boards and sold 4 of um 4 6 each we always bring um 2 school and do compo's 4 money who ever thincks thats childish fuk um am still working on the park when ave finish i'll put a picture of it on this site,am gonna get some more boards i'll tell you you when i get um


these are all of the the finger boards ave got

this is my sort of profile on boarding
trick i can do:180,ollie,kickflip,casper flip,truckstand,pop shuv it,bonless,boneless kickflip,rock'n,roll.manuel(of couse),50.50,boardslide,axle stall,
how many tech decks:8
faverite place 2 sk8:thomas estly school
best sk8 shop:casino
best park:radlands
best make.blind and toy machine and world industreis
best band:blink 182
best wheels:spitfire
best deck:blind.reaper.axe
best trucks:tensor
best bearings:pig speedstar