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as well as likeing bording i also like finger boarding

i have quite alot of finger boards i did have i six back of world industreis but i sold 4 of them but i still got da 2 best ones in the pack (mullet boy,and the 1 where wet willey is surfing) i wenat out and got some new tech decks they are the new tony hawk 3 1's one birdhouse and zero i also have an alein workshop zoo york and blind they kick ass but the teacher as the blind one cos he is blind!! 'just kiding' at my school loads of people bring them my pencil case is like an box coverd in sk8 stickers.which is good 2 grind on

this is the six pack


i also have i sk8 park it includes 3 of the tech deck ramps and 4 cool fun boxes 2 boxes (just small) 6 rails 5 quater pipes is all on a large wooden base thing which is coverd in stickers and so are the ramps the park will shortly be featerd on this site

here r some trick tips for your finger boards

Here is a collection of "Regular Trick Tips" that I made my self

Ollie-First,you make sure that your index and middle fingers are in the right place: middle finger on the tail of the board and the index finger just behind the front bolts. Okay, now, you tap down on the tail so that the front is brought up in the air, now for the tricky part, you try and slide your index finger up towards the nose of the board and press down, this, if done correctly,should have lifted the entire board off the ground.

Kick Flip-First, To do the kickflip, set up your fingers the same way as you would when you ollie. The only difference is that you want to have your index finger off towards the edge of the board. From there, press down hard on tail, and flip your index finger off to the side to make the board flip. While the board is flipping, keep your fingers above the fingerboard. When it flips once let your fingers come down and land on the fingherboard. (to me this trick is very hard and takes a lot of pratice)

Pop-Shove It-To do a Pop-Shove It, you have to put your fingers positioned as if you were going to ollie. Have your index finger at a slight angle, though. Just tap down on the fingerboard with your middle finger, but instead of tapping stright down, flip the board at an angle, so the fingerboard will spin underneath your fingers. From there just keep your fingers above the board and just land on it.

180 Ollie-To do a 180, have your fingers positioned like an ollie. Just ollie and while your in the air, rotate your wrist and fingers to get your fingers to do a 180. You can do this trick both ways,frontside and backside. Backsides are probly morte difficult though.* this is strange because you land with your fingers opposite of how they should be, to fix this, you can start off with your fingers backward,or,when the trick is completed,you may just do a boardslide 180*

Heelflip-The heelflip is just like a kickflip, except you flip the board with the flat part of your fingers. To set uo for it, place your index finger in ollie position with the tip of it hanging off the board a little. Once your set, lift and slide your index finger forward and flip off to one side with your flat part of your finger to make the board flip. Let it flip once and let your fingers land back on the board.

The Boardslide-To do a boardslide, approach your obstacle with a good amout of speed. Ollie up 90 degrees onto it. Try to land in the middle of the board. If you are doing a backside boardslide, you might have to lean your hand back a little to help the slide if the obstacle isn't slick enough. Do the same for a frontside except lean your hand forward. To come off, just turn your wrist 90 degrees and land rolling away fakie or regular.(for me this is the easiest grind to do)

The 50-50 grind-This is the most basic grind. Push toward the obstacle your doing it on and ollie up onto it by tilting your board off to the side. From here, just try to land on both trucks. You might have to lean your hand back a little while your grinding if it isnt grinding too well. At the end of the obstacle either ollie off or lift up your nose and roll off.

The Noseslide-To set up for a Noseslide, you might want to have your front finger, (for most people it is the pointer finger) up a little more if you were doing a regular ollie. This will help you land on your nose better. Push toward the obstacle and ollie 90 degrees onto the obstacle so your nose only lands on it. From there, just slide as best you can and come off at the end by turning 90 degrees to regular or fakie.

The 5-0 Grind- The 5-0 grind is like the 50-50 grind except you only grind on one truck. To do it all you got to do is have your fingers in ollie position. When you reach the obstacle, ollie and lean your hand back a little so you can land on your back truck. You will have to ollie higher than you would for a 50-50. Once your on grind and come off. This trick requires a lot of hand eye cordination, so you will need to practice alot.

The Nollie-The nollie is the exact oppisite of the ollie. If your regular position, this means that you put your pointer finger on the nose and your middle finger in a comfortable spot(usally the middle). From here its just like a regular ollie. Bend your knuckles when landing and roll away.

The NoseGrind-The nosegrind is the exact oppisite of the 5-0 grind. Here you will grind with only the front truck. This trick also requires alot of hand eye cordination, so you might have to practise a little before saying you can. Have your fingers in ollie position, but maybe have your pointer finger further up than you would.